Calgary Journal: Calgary’s grown up ‘My Little Pony’ fans

27 Nov

Some Calgarians may be surprised to learned Bronyism exists in our own our backyard.

James Wilt, a MRU colleague and the owner of a mean moustache, previously sat down with the city’s leading Brony faction.

projectBrony later followed up with Wilt to get his thoughts on the experience. He described it as “extremely enlightening.”

There’s quite a stigma surrounding the community — and reasonably so, to be fair — but I found the people I dealt with for my story to be relatively ‘normal’ and cognizant of the rather subsersive role that they were playing. I still think the culture is pretty weird, in the sense that I simply can’t understand the appeal of the show, but each to their own. Any movement that helps to challenge traditional assumptions about ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ is more than welcome, and these people seem to be doing a great job at it.

— James Wilt


Numbers and ponies don’t mix.

26 Nov

The highbrowed analysis isn’t limited to wordsmiths. Here, budding physicist Stephen Magnet breaks down the physical impossibilities portrayed on the show and warns of the dangerous message that could be sent to children.

More than 1.2 million people have watched this. Check out his math after the jump.

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Vern’s Brony “Badge”

26 Nov

Earlier in the month, a local Brony artist – Autumn Breeze (her Pony name) – made Vern a MLP:FiM badge. He gave the name, some colours, the “cutie mark” (a design that symbolizes a Pony’s talent/skill/aura) and said he would like to fly. Couple weeks later and he received a badge in the mail. Sweet.


Cotton Bolt "Brony" Badge

Cotton Bolt “Brony” Badge