New York Observer: the birth of pony nation

24 Nov

Unless you’re a Brony or possess a kinky fetish, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of 4chan.

Don’t worry about it.

Just picture the image-based bulletin board as the Mecca of this subculture. It’s the place where large numbers of curious nerds first fledged their unwavering affection for the show.

Una LaMarche’s story for the New York Observer details the unlikely emergence of the pony enthusiasts.

It’s easy to imagine such a thoughtful, sugar-coated group originating from convivial Hasbro fan boards, but the Bronies’ origin story is far darker and more complicated.

The story goes onto explain how 4chan railed against the community in what later became the Great Pony War.

Uttering the word Pony became a bannable offense. The fanboy army fought back, eventually pushing 4chan to concede.

“My Little Pony is the only group to take on 4chan and win,” Mr. Levine said. “4chan once took on the F.B.I. and won. So you might say that My Little Pony is more powerful than the F.B.I.”


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