Boys don’t cry. Bronies do.

25 Nov

Nigel Kirk, founder of Calgary’s Jane Taxpayer, spoke about how Bronies are a form of pseudo-feminism during a presentation at the Magpie Treasure Talks last June.

Kirk contends the majorly male group are challenging the definition of masculinity by professing their adoration for a show targeted to little girls.

It’s okay for Bronies to cry, It’s okay for them to be emotional, it’s okay for one guy to hug another guy, and to put a bit of emotion behind it. Typical males? No. But it’s a part of what defines many members of the Brony culture.

Does challenging mascuilinity automatically equate to feminism? Ask Judith Butler, the American philosopher argues that gender is not part of nature — it’s a learned performance.

S’pose that’s what Kirk is saying as well. Who knows — that’s above this blogs pay grade.

Check out an edited transcript of the Calgary talk.


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