Numbers and ponies don’t mix.

26 Nov

The highbrowed analysis isn’t limited to wordsmiths. Here, budding physicist Stephen Magnet breaks down the physical impossibilities portrayed on the show and warns of the dangerous message that could be sent to children.

More than 1.2 million people have watched this. Check out his math after the jump.

In the above clip, he looks at Pegasus pony Rainbow Dash go through a “Sonic rainboom.”

The numbers don’t lie, kids.

Sin(theta) = Vsound / Vobject
(theta) = 12 degrees
Vsound = 340 m/s
Therefore: Vobject = 1635.31 m/s
Using kinematics:
Vo = 0 m/s. Vr = 1635.31 m/ m/s,t = 15 s
Therefore Acceleration = 109 m/s ^ 2
Which = 11.1 Gs 

The  physicist concludes a force of 11.1 Gs, if applied for 15 seconds, could cause blackouts or internal organs to fail.


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