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Vern’s Brony “Badge”

26 Nov

Earlier in the month, a local Brony artist – Autumn Breeze (her Pony name) – made Vern a MLP:FiM badge. He gave the name, some colours, the “cutie mark” (a design that symbolizes a Pony’s talent/skill/aura) and said he would like to fly. Couple weeks later and he received a badge in the mail. Sweet.


Cotton Bolt "Brony" Badge

Cotton Bolt “Brony” Badge


Video #1

25 Nov

Video from ‘Brony-Con’ with a panel of experts discussing the gender roles that Bronies defy

These experts also discuss their study and the results they found from interviews with hundreds of Bronies across the globe

Fan art post #4

15 Nov

Bronies take their passion for the series very, very seriously. Here are some collections from Fan-art, complete with video and some ‘My Little Pony’ fan-made music. It’s actually quite catchy, so be warned you might find yourself listening to the music while watching fan-art. Next thing you know, you’ll be starting up your own Pony fan club. Consider yourself warned.