In-depth study on Bronies and the traits they possess

Brony Research Study

An in-depth study on a wide variety of traits associated with Bronies. Analysis of sexuality, gender, relationships and, yes, even their favourite Pony were discussed in this study.

My Little Pony Facebook Page

With over 320,000 ‘Likes,’ the Facebook site for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is loaded with fun quotes, quizzes and fan-content.

Equestria Daily

One of the larger websites for Brony/Pony fan-art, Equestria Daily also provides commentary on “last weeks episode” or news and info regarding upcoming episodes.

DeviantArt (dA) MLP:FiM 

Although this group stands at only 1,000 members, the page views are over 72,000, which is quite a number for such a small sub-culture. dA contains hundreds of MLP:FiM fan-art submissions and the community is always buzzing.


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